Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meet the new Smashing Book: "Mobile Web Handbook" by Peter-Paul Koch

The waiting is over. PPK's new book on mobile
is ready, now shipping worldwide.

There're more bugs on mobile than particles in the universe!

Meet "Mobile Web Handbook", our new practical guide for dealing with front-end challenges on mobile.

Mobile Web Handbook, by PPK, available as printed hardcover and eBook.

$ 39

Get the book.Print + eBook. Shipping worldwide now.
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About The Book

Mobile is a difficult, unpredictable beast. Whether you're developing a responsive site, a mobile app or dealing with WebViews, you end up running into annoying technical issues in mobile browsers. Weird bugs, inconsistent CSS/JS support, performance issues, device fragmentation and complicated nuances such as device pixels, viewports, zooming, touch events, pointer/click events and the 300ms delay. Oh my!

Illustrations for the book were created by Stephen Hay.

The Mobile Web Handbook will help you make sense of it all. It's a brand new practical book to help you deal with technical issues on mobile effectively. Featuring recent research and testing, it shows the intricacies of mobile, with its common problems and workarounds, and delivers what it promises: real-world guidelines for mobile—unique and extremely useful. Jump to the table of contents. Also, you can look inside the book and download a sample chapter first (PDF, 0.2 Mb).

Sample PDF

232 pages. Written by Peter-Paul Koch. Reviewed by Brian and Stephanie Rieger. Designed by Stephen Hay.
Available as print and eBook.

Why This Book Is For You

Developing websites for mobile is pretty much the same as it has always been, but it does require you to learn a few new things, and some of them are quite confusing. In Mobile Web Handbook, you’ll learn:

  1. Mobile value chain of operators and device/OS vendors,
  2. Mobile/proxy browsers and browser developments,
  3. The complex browser situation on Android,
  4. Understand CSS pixels, physical pixels, device pixels,
  5. Make sense of layout viewport, visual viewport and ideal viewport,
  6. How zooming works and why page zoom is different than pinch zoom,
  7. The intricacies of the meta viewport and related CSS/JS properties,
  8. How to deal with technical issues of touch events in JS,
  9. Understand the touch event cascade and its bugs,
  10. Handle 300ms delay, pointer events and the click event,
  11. Fix common bugs caused by position: fixed, overflow: auto and background-attachment,
  12. Set up a device testing lab and test on mobile,
  13. Reconsider outdated development practices,
  14. Adjust expectations for mobile networks and latency.

Good enough? Alright then! You can get the book right away — it won't take more than 60 seconds.

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