Tuesday, January 27, 2015

SmashingConf NYC 2015: When Great Just Isn't Good Enough

New York, we are back. June 16–17th 2015.
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"When Great Just Isn't Good Enough."

SmashingConf NYC 2015 will challenge you to rethink how you design and build websites today.
You might never be the same again.

SmashingConf New York, June 17-18th 2014

Get the tickets →Only 400 tickets. 50 early-birds.

About The Conference

Trends don't matter, but techniques do. We love exploring things that actually worked, or failed, in actual projects — and SmashingConf NYC won't be an exception. 1 track, 2 conference days, 5 workshops, 16 excellent speakers and just 400 available seats. With the main focus on networking and practical takeaways from real-life projects, you really don't want to miss this one.

Taking place on June 16–17th 2015 right next to the Times Square in New York City, this might be an event that will keep you on your toes for quite some time. Seriously.

Smashing Conference New York

Okay, ready for the line-up? Set! Go:

  • Stefan Sagmeister
    (Graphic designer, artist)
  • Susan Weinschenk
    (Psychology, UX)
  • Andrew Clarke
    (Responsive Design, Front-End)
  • Samantha Warren
    (Designer, Style Tiles)
  • Jon Burgerman
    (Artist, doodler)
  • Yesenia Perez-Cruz
    (Visual Designer)
  • Josh Clark
    (UX, Mobile)
  • Marcin Wichary
    (UX, Medium.com)
  • Daniel Burka
    (UX, Design, Google)
  • Tim Kadlec
  • Daniel Espeset
    (Front-End, Etsy)
  • Christian Heilmann
    (Front-End, Mozilla)
  • Mystery Speaker
    (Someone you definitely know, and respect.)

We reserved 50 early-bird tickets for $549, and if you book a workshop, too, you save $100 off the conference + workshop price. Now, if that isn't smashing, what is? Get your ticket.

Why This Conference Is For You

The conference is for you because you'll learn lots of valuable techniques and meet fantastic, like-minded people from the industry. You'll learn:

  1. Strategies for building fast responsive websites,
  2. Clever psychological techniques for smarter interfaces,
  3. Techniques and guidelines for better mobile UX,
  4. Guidelines for scalable front-end and CSS,
  5. Advanced front-end and UX tooling and setup,
  6. Guidelines for delightful, engaging UX,
  7. Mistakes and lessons learned from large projects,
  8. Responsive design patterns for future-ready websites,
  9. How to increase the productivity of your team for good,
  10. How to touch someone's heart with design.

Sounds good? Alright then! Only 400 tickets are available, so you can get your ticket right away — it won't take more than 60 seconds.

Still not convinced? →

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