Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Finally: Smashing Book #5, Hot Like Smoking Barrels.

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That's Real-Life Responsive Web Design.

Finally, Smashing Book #5 has arrived: our new handbook to master all the tricky hurdles of RWD.

Smashing Book #5: Real-Life Responsive Web Design


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About The Book

Just like all of our Smashing Books, the book isn't concerned with trends or short-lived workarounds. It's focused on actual techniques used today in real-life projects. Think of it a reliable playbook to master all the tricky facets and hurdles of RWD.

  1. Responsive Workflow by Daniel Mall,
  2. Design Patterns by Vitaly Friedman,
  3. Structured Content by Eileen Webb,
  4. Mastering SVG by Sara Soueidan,
  5. Components With Flexbox by Zoe M. Gillenwater,
  6. Web Fonts Performance by Bram Stein,
  7. Responsive Images by Yoav Weiss,
  8. Responsive HTML Email by Fabio Carneiro,
  9. Testing, Maintaining, Debugging by Tom Maslen,
  10. Creativity Over Predictability by Andrew Clarke,
  11. Optimizing for Offline by John Allsopp, Matt Gaunt,
  12. Responsive Process by Ben Callahan (only in eBook),
  13. Performance Optimization Roadmap by Vitaly Friedman (only in eBook).

Detailed table of contents. Available as print and eBook. With printed book, you get the eBook for free — but you knew it anyway, didn't you?

Illustration of Smashing Book 5, Chapter 11, Andrew Clarke on The Way Forward
The illustrations inside the book were crafted by Guillaume Kurkdjian and the cover was designed by Jessica Hische.

First Reviews

We've designed the book to be as practical and hands-on as possible. No fluff, just the things that have actually worked or failed. Every chapter should stand for itself. It should deliver the value you expect, and exceed your expectations by far.

"Smashing Book #5 has completely changed the potential for books around the web. This thing is ridiculous in how it dives deep into a topic and continues to dive deeper until you feel as though your brain might explode from the knowledge.

Smashing Book #5 is now your RWD bible. Stop searching, buy this book, and spend a weekend filling your brain with the most useful, technical information on RWD you can find anywhere.

And that's what is most impressive to me about this book. It's no different than sitting in a work environment with these authors and seeing how they get the job done. When you are trying to get into this field you are often left on your own to figure things out."

— Paul Scrivens, Smashing Book 5: Review

Smashing Book #5: Real-Life Responsive Web Design

We designed the book to stand the test of time, too; to be more than just a manual or a guide. It's really about the bigger picture you need to make smart decisions, faster.

"Smashing Magazine's fifth book is everything I've come to expect from the productions of Freiburg's finest: Extensive, in-depth and beautifully rendered. But best of all it is wise; unafraid to step back from technicalities and take in the bigger picture.

This isn't just a book about how to do responsive design, but about what it really is and what it really means. So many web design books are mere manuals. This is a great deal more."

— Heydon Pickering

Good enough? Alright then! All pre-orders have been shipped, and if you don't have yours get, get your book right away — it won't take more than 45 sec. You will not be disappointed.

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