Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Harder Than Hardboiled And Unlike Other Web Design Books

Our brand-new book derived from real-life
projects: Hardboiled Web Design.

Harder Than Hardboiled And Unlike Other Web Design Books.

Grab the brand-new Hardboiled Web Design, our comprehensive guide with proven techniques and tips for a more responsive web.

Hardboiled Web Design, a new Smashing Book

$29 $39

Get the bookSave 25% today — free shipping included!

About The Book

If you've been working on the web for a while, you have heard about Hardboiled Web Design surely, first published exactly five years ago. It then soon secured a reputation for being a reference book that "spent more time open on the desk than closed in the bookcase".

With new techniques being developed without a halt, there's less time to keep up with them. "Hardboiled Web Design" brings them together, to help you craft better and smarter front-end.

Written by Andry Clarke. 320 pages. DRM-free ePUB, PDF, Amazon Kindle incl. with print. Free worldwide airmail shipping. Save $10 when pre-ordering the book today.

Hardboiled Web Design, a new Smashing Book
One of the inner book illustrations, crafted by Elliot Jay Stocks. The cover is designed by Natalie Smith.

The book isn't afraid to push boundaries, break rules, or invent new ones. Hardboiled is stripping our markup to the bone to make it more adaptable. It does not hesitate to make the best of new technologies. Table of contents.

Why This Book Is For You

If you're a front-end developer, you're in for a treat because we focus on cutting-edge techniques that are both uncompromising and practical. Build quickly and make fewer mistakes because you can use the actual technologies much earlier, using HTML and CSS to design, prototype and develop.

If you're a designer you'll learn how to embrace creativity within a responsive mindset and how to work better with clients. Explore a workflow that will not hold you back, and will not limit your potential for crafting rich and expressive responsive websites today.

What You'll Learn:

  • Learn from actual RWD projects ranging from small businesses to household brand names,
  • Move towards designing atoms and elements first, and learn how to create and establish style guides,
  • Use HTML's semantic elements, WAI-ARIA roles and microformats 2 alongside the BEM naming system,
  • Find out how to design atmosphere as part of a RWD process,
  • Learn a strategy on choosing breakpoints wisely,
  • Dive deep into how to actually get to results faster when designing for small screens first,
  • Explore new CSS feature queries, Flexbox, background blends, CSS filters and how to make state changes smoother with CSS transitions,
  • Learn about the multi-column layout and how you can use it today.
  • Technologies should never hold you back, and this book is going to help you think differently how you design and develop for the web.

And that is just scratching the surface. Pre-order the book now and save 25% off the regular price. Free worldwide airmail shipping. It won't take more than 60 seconds.

$29 $39

Get the bookSave 25% today — free shipping included!

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