Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Horror Design Stories and Spooky Ghosts: Meet SmashingConf NYC

Don't miss it: they're here to save the world!
New York, June 15–16, 2016. Get your ticket.

"Busting Myths and Horror Stories Of Designing For The Web!"

Curtains up, SmashingConf NYC 2016 is coming!
A spectacular performance on failures, successes and superpowers in Front-End/UX — now on Broadway!

SmashingConf NYC 2016, March 15-16st 2016


Get your ticket!Early-birds available only via the box office.

–— ★★★★★ –—
About The Show:
"Real-World Front-End and UX"

Can you tell the truth from the lies? Honesty from deception? Myths from heartbreaking real-life experiences? Have you figured out responsive design, mobile, pattern libraries, SVG, Flexbox, performance, HTTP/2 — and all the mischievous, erratic facets of designing for the web today?

Damn right: we haven't either! That's why the acclaimed Smashing Production group set up a flabbergasting show about disillusions, failures, successes and superpowers in Real-World Front-End/UX today — what worked, what didn't, and why, with lots of busted myths, horror design stories, lessons learned and techniques applicable to your work.

A SmashingConf opening show. With sparkling lasers last year, how spooky will the performance be this year?

No boring or dull chatter! A provocative marvel for the eye and the mind — with sensational performance by talented masters of the craft! 2 breathtaking days, 1 astonishing track, 6 mind-blowing workshops and 16 spine-tingling speakers improving their craft on small or large scale every single day. We embrace respect and tolerance with our code of conduct.

Coffee fortune reading with Daniel Burka at SmashingConf'15.

Experience the one-in-a-lifetime-five-star-show live on Broadway (well, close anyway) on June 14–15th. Only one show! Tickets available via the box office now — limited!

–— ★★★★★ –—
Confirmed Performers

We travel throughout the world to find the world's brightest minds and bring them together to captivate and electrify the viewer! From the deepest fjords of Norway to remote deserts of Australia — our phenomenal performers will tantalize with their exquisite skills, knowledge and passion!

SmashingConf NYC 2016

–— ★★★★★ –—
What's In It For You?

Authentic stories, insights and lessons learned by hard-working artisans who failed and succeeded in their daunting real-world projects! You'll learn:

A hypnosis session with Tim Kadlec at SmashingConf 2015.

  • How to write copy that moves and engages,
  • How to build pattern libraries in responsive projects,
  • How to craft modular and flexible design systems,
  • How to make use of Flexbox for layouts,
  • How to move away from generic and predictable layouts,
  • How and when to use static site generators,
  • How to bring responsive images under control,
  • How to organize and structure code for maintainability,
  • How to create innovative SVG animations,
  • How to design for tablets, phablets and TV,
  • How to deal with web governance and digital services,
  • How to improve the UX (and conversion) of web forms,
  • How to speed up responsive sites with HTTP/2.

Convince Your Boss PDF
"Eight reasons why you should send your incredibly hard-working, deserving employee to the SmashingConf" (PDF). Quite self-explanatory, really.

Don't let them steal your dream from you! Use your abilities to convince your friends, colleagues, neighbors and strangers to send you to the mesmerizing performance of a life time! And you can even grab "Convince Your Boss" (PDF) to tip the scales in your favor — and bring your boss with you, too!

–— ★★★★★ –—
Get Your Ticket!

So what are you waiting for? The early-birds are flying out with the speed of light! Snatch your ticket right away and get the best seats to the most remarkable show of the year!

Seriously, you still aren't convinced yet? →

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